Metalic Pumps - Barrel Unloading Pumps

Low viscous liquids

Design features :

It is self priming device which used to suck the liquid from the bottom of the barrel through hollow pipe by providing centrifugal action to shaft rotates fixed impeller either electric or pneumatic prime mover.

Pumps are available with following material constructions:

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MILD STEEL / SS – 316 / SS 304

  • All wetted parts like pumping chamber, pump base, discharge tee, nozzle, wing nut, impeller are made of SS316 investment castings or polypropylene.
  • The outer & inner pipes are seamless type made of SS-316.
  • The shaft is made of SS-316 bright bar.
  • The guide sleeve and lip seals are made of teflon.

Application :
For almost all types of Solvents, Varnishes, Turpentine, Paints, Gasoline, HSD, Petroleum products, Chloroform, Drugs & pharmaceuticals, Degreasing agent, Phenol, IPA, LDO, Water treatment chemicals, Nitric acid, Phosphoric acid, Thermic fluid.

Polypropylene with imported Hastalloy- B2/ C Shaft
  • All wetted parts, outer & Inner pipes are made of Polypropylene.
  • The shaft is made of imported Hastalloy-B-2. (Containing 29% Molybdenum).
  • The impeller is made of ETFE (Moulding grade of Teflon).

Application :
For highly corrosive liquids like conc., HCI, Dil H2SO4, HF, NaOH, formic acid, electroplating solution, photographic developers, salt solution, pesticides intermediates, toxic chemicals.

PTFE (Teflon) with Hastalloy - B2 or SS-316 Shaft
  • All wetted parts are fabricated from PTFE.
  • Outer & Inner pipes & Guide sleeve are made of pure Teflon.
  • The shaft is made of SS=316 or Hastalloy-B2.
  • The impeller is made of ETFE
  • Suitable for all the said liquids

Available With
  • Non flameproof
  • Flameproof
  • Pneumatic ( Air ) Motors

Selection chart
Model Motor HP Material Flow Rate Max Head Viscosity Range In Cps
BPSSE/1.0 1.0 SS 60 12 UP TO 300 CPS
BPPPE/1.0 1.0 PP 60 12 UP TO 300 CPS
BPPTFEE/1.0 1.0 PTFE 60 12 UP TO 300 CPS
Air driven
BPSSA/1.0 0.6 /18 CFM@
3 - 6 BAR
SS 80 12 UP TO 300 CPS
BPPPA/1.0 0.6 /18 CFM@
3 - 6 BAR
PP 80 12 UP TO 300 CPS
BPPTFEA/1.0 0.6 /18 CFM@
3 - 6 BAR
PTFE 80 12 UP TO 300 CPS

Hand operated Barrel pumps


Air operated pneumatic piston type barrel pumps for medium viscous liquids


Drum Mixing Pumps
RHODEK Mixing Pumps are identical in construction except they are supplied with a mixing tube instead of discharge tube. This is ideal for use wherever dispersions or suspensions are used particularly where it is convenient to mix and homogenize such liquids in the course of transferring from Barrel / container to other vessels.

IDM Drum Stirrers
Our IDM Drum Stirrers, a light, portable and continuous duty rated allows quick blending without removing the drum lid. The Drum Stirrer Assembly incorporates a threaded stainless steel nipple to allow mounting on the opening of drums.


Hand Flow Regulator

Hand Flow Regulator is a flow controlling device designed especially for flow control. Designed exclusively for the stringent requirements of Fragrances and Flavour Industries , Hand Flow Regulator is a compact, light weight solution to packing of small volume containers.

Barrel Dispenser

Barrel Dispenser is a compact, light weight flow controlling device designed especially for dispensing liquids from horizontally stacked barrels. Unlike other conventional valves, the opening is controlled by spring loaded spindle which always keep the valve in closed condition. All the wetted parts are manufactured by SS316 Material and Teflon. Barrel Dispensers can be directly fitted to MS and HDPE Plastic Barrels.

Electronic Flow Meter

Industrial Grade Electronic Digital meters by GPI offer durable, compact, high precision fluid measurement systems. By combining a Turbine, a basic flow sensing device with a direct mounted microprocessor based computer, the entire system is incorporated into one device. These field proven meters perform impressively in fluid handling applications. The GPI meters mounts at the nozzle for easy reading. Compact and Light weight at just 1.5 Kgs, the Electronic Flow meter is very durable, highly accurate and easily legible with a large LCD Display.

High viscous barrel pumps

Pumps are positive displacement pumps using a progressive cavity design to gently move highly viscous materials up the pump tube in a smooth, non-pulsing flow. The progressive cavity design requires a relatively slow speed to operate properly.

Available With
  • Non flameproof
  • Flameproof
  • Pneumatic ( Air ) Motors

Technical Data


Advantages :

  • This High Viscosity Liquid Pump is especially suitable for viscous liquids such as Liquid Soap, Plastic Solutions, Synthetic Resin, Glues, Molasses, Syrups, Liquid Chocolate, Glucose, Honey, Glycerin etc.
  • For all thick and viscous liquids.
  • Progress cavity screw drums pumps.
  • Designed to fit plastic & steel barrels / drums.
  • Efficiently moves high viscous liquids.
  • Gentle and non pulsating flow.
  • Maximum flow rate-50 kg/Min.
  • Less spare parts & easy maintenance.
  • Separate motor & pumps for more flexibility.

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