Metalic Pumps - PTFE Lined Pumps

PTFE Lined Pumps - (Polytetrafluoroethylene)

Design Features

Pumps are designed on international standards. Pump body is of metal case with fluoroplastic liner inside. Its impeller and pump cover are made by pressing metal insert with fluoroplastic around it. Shaft seal is of the advanced outer-built type of mechanical sealing with corrugated pipe, stationary ring is of ceramic of 99.9% aluminum oxide; moving ring is of F4. They are strongly hard and good corrosion resistance, and can resist any density of strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxides agent and organic agent.

Range Of Product :
Capacity :   300 m3/hr
Head :   90 Meters
Temperatures :   Minus 100°C to Plus 230°C

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Performance Range Chart :

Applications :

  • Very high corrosive liquids with greater temperature, chlorinated solvents, aromatic organic compounds, alcohols, ejector systems etc
  • Horizontal Back pullout process pump with non metallic lining built with design to offer improved efficiency and performance characteristics.
  • State of the art high pressure lining process, free of adhesive bonding, ensures sound lining with out cavities/voids.
  • Unique dove-tail grooves made on the lining areas of metal components provides firm mechanical grip of lining.
  • The lining covers all wetted components
  • Variety of lining materials can be offered to handle almost any fluid with the temp. range of -100 to 230 Deg. C
  • Shaft sleeves are available in High alumina Ceramic , Hast Alloy, Titanium& SILICON CARBIDE
  • Available in 1440RPM AND 2900 RPM
  • Facilitate wide range of shaft sealing options, gland packing and mechanical seals.
  • Off the shelf deliveries with most competitive prices for demanding budgets.

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