Polypropylene Basket Strainer

Polypropylene Basket Strainer

A strainer is used to filter contaminants in a piping system which could flow down the pipeline and damage costly pieces of equipment or spoil a manufacturing process. A strainer could be considered as an inexpensive option for the protection of piping systems. Strainers are available in various materials, end connections and types. Various options are designed to help the end user achieve the best possible straining device for their specific applications.

PP Basket Strainer Versatility

Strainers can be used with threaded ends, butt weld, socket weld and flanged ends. Special end connections have higher pressures and body materials range from carbon steel, bronze, iron, stainless steel and various special alloys. Some manufacturers offer FRP units (Fiberglass reinforced plastic) bodies for corrosion resistance at low cost with a highly reduced installed weight.

PP Basket Strainer Applications

RHODEK PUMPS AND EQUIPMENTS are the PP basket strainer manufacturers who offer these strainers for sensitive or corrosive process media straining applications in various industries such as chemical and water treatment. We make use of only high grade polypropylene for designing these strainers as these materials have resistance to a variety of corrosive acids. Any type of contamination can be avoided in the sensitive process media such as de-ionized water and photographic chemicals with the use of PP in the basket strainers.

Size Availability - ¾ , 1 , 1 ½, 2 , 3 , 4 , 6 , 8 , 10 Inch size

Standard Dimension

Size 1 2 3
1" 263mm 70mm 135mm
1.5" 380mm 108mm 200mm
2" 350mm 108mm 200mm
3" 550mm 150mm 266mm
4" 525mm 150mm 266mm
Polypropylene Basket Strainer

Material Specification

No. Part Name Material
1 Body PP
2 Cap PP
3 Element PP
4 Sealing Neoprene
5 Drain Valve PP
6 Vent PP

Customization of PP Basket Strainers Available

We provide a wide selection of non-metallic basket strainers for general water, aquatics and industrial applications. We feature a unique seamless casted design which can be further customized with advanced options such as integral access ports and FTP stands. Our basket strainers are available in corrosion-resistant plastics such as PP, PVC, PVDF and CPC. We also provide basket strainers in fiberglass and offer greater temperature resistance and chemical compatibility than a traditional iron, bronze strainers and steel.

We have PP basket strainer manufactured using best quality raw material and latest technology. Furthermore, a team of our quality analysts performs stringent quality checks to ensure excellent quality. We also provide customized solutions for optimum performance of our products and we offer our products at reasonable rates.