Self Priming Pumps

Vertical Self Priming Pumps

Design Features:

  • High head low capacity pump.
  • Available in S.S.-316 INVESTMENT CASTING and Cast Iron with all wetted parts of S.S.-316.
  • Excellent for handling solvents from barrels and from tank farms to the charging vessels.
  • Seal leakage can easily be detected from window in priming chamber.
  • Pump can take negative lift from 3 to 5 meters.
  • Maintenance is easier, drain arrangement is standard.
  • Compact design - requires less space, no grouting required

Range Of Product:

  • Capacity up to - 12 m³/hr
  • Head up to - 35 m.
  • Power up to - 5.5 KW

Range Of Product:

  • Low NSPH required
  • Life lubricating bearings covered from both the ends so minor leakage from pump side does not affect bearings.
  • Being a low speed (1450 RPM) pump, Less Maintenance is needed.
  • Installation is easier since motor required is vertical flange type and is directly coupled to the pump, coupling alignment is simpler.
  • Low overhang shaft arrangement giving minimum deflection at the seal faces.
  • Floating type impeller reduces noise and vibration.
  • Available only with mechanical seal (internal mounted), rotary faces of Carbon and Glass Filled Teflon (GFT) are optional.
  • Seal cooled and flushed by process fluid itself.
  • Minor leakage at suction side does not affect pump performance.
  • Capacity
  • Biggest advantage from installation point of view is that since it is an "in line" type pump, it can be fitted as a valve and hence it will not require any suction or delivery piping effort

Self Priming Centripetal Pumps

Technical Specifications

Technical detail RPP-25 RPP-40
Capacity (M3/Hr) 0-4 0-6
Total Differential Head (M.W.C.) 0-20 0-28
Speed (R.P.M.) 1450 1450
Motor (H.P.) 2 3
Motor Speed (R.P.M.) 1450 1450

All parts made in investment casting to give superior hydraulic performance


  • Centripetal self-priming pumps with turbine type impellers.
  • Excellent for solvents tank farms.