Dewatering Pumps – Submersible

Dewatering Pumps – Submersible

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We have covered wide range of dewatering pumps according to the customer special requirements.

Pumps are exported more than more than 20 countries worldwide.

We have Single and three phases pumps,

  • Capacity - 0.5 HP to 2000 HP
  • Head - Up to 200 meters

We have all voltages and frequency ranges includes all American and European standards.

Supplying to many shipping industries. All submersible Sea water pumps specialties has been covered.

Material of Construction

Cast Iron | Stainless Steel | Alloy 20 | Hastalloy | CD4MCu | SUPER DUPLEX GRADES


These dewatering pumps offer a most economical way of solving dewatering problems. It can be easily handled and installed. Pump connected with discharge hose is lowered in the sump and dewatering can start. They may be operated in any position- vertical, horizontal or inclined and requires no foundation and can also operate in partly submerged position